2017.06.23 18:17 Konrad
You've got a beaty that doesn't run well? Engine works is what you need. That's what we provided to this jewel '70 Porsche 911T.
2017.05.18 23:21 Konrad
There are times you wish you could slow down the movement of clock arms. As the season is good and sound, more and more 911s come to visit our workshop for maintenance and not only.
2017.01.29 21:33 Konrad
A ground up restoration of a classic Porsche takes no compromises. Each detail must be state of the art, especially when it comes to the Porsche 356.
2017.01.01 15:27 Konrad
New Year, new challenges, new calendar.
2016.11.22 22:16 Konrad
Porsche Club Poland organized an event to close the 2016 Classics' season. We can surely say Porsche Classic Forum opens the season, while PCP closes it. These are different types of events, but many classic Porsche owners attended both. A short summary of the event can be found here.
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